How we help our customers

ECS provides solutions to fully exploit technology to enable innovation in niche applications. Discover how we help our customers to leverage technology in:

Internet of Things


For an innovative startup in railway intelligence, we designed a standalone module to offload their real-time computation. We were able to quickly and seamlessly integrate the solution across their complete software stack, which allowed them to keep their critical time-to-market under control.

Broadcast and Media

For a world-leading company in media storage servers, we finely tuned an entire system. The resulting performance gain allowed them to avoid resource oversizing and to significantly reduce the overall product cost.

Machine 2 Machine


We have designed several custom gateway solutions for various applications, from home comfort to industrial automation. During those projects we have focused on different customers needs, to optimize functionalities and cost.



We have expertise in interfacing state-of-the-art sensing technologies to measure real world physical parameters. This allowed to leverage complex technologies such as MEMS devices or high-resolution ADCs into applications with real added values for our customers.

GPU Acceleration


We accelerated real-time high-throughput video processing on a GPU with thousands of cores. By fine-tuning the code for the specific GPU architecture, we were able to efficiently exploit the available resources. It provides a power-efficient and cost-effective solution for this highly- demanding application.